The Heroic Journey

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Luke Skywalker wielding his trusty green lightsaber
Luke Skywalker wielding his trusty green lightsaber

The separation is just after Luke is born and is split from his sister, Leia, to go live with his aunt and uncle on Tatooine.
  • The call is when Luke buys a robot named R2-D2. While he was fixing him up, a hologram appears with Princess Leia calling for help from Ben Kenobi. Then after returning from the city, he finds his uncle and aunt dead and killed by the Stormtroopers. This starts the journey of a jedi for Luke.

  • The threshold is when Luke leaves his home planet of Tatooine on the Millennium Falcon, marking the beginning for his long journey.
  • The descent is when Luke goes to save his friends on Cloud City, still in his training. But it was a trap made by Darth Vader and he is defeated, but not killed. This is his "rebirth"
  • The initiation is when Luke leaves Yoda's home for the last time and is a true jedi and at his full strength. This part is also the "seizing the sword" part.
  • The test/ordeal is when Yoda creates an imaginary figure of Darth Vader for Luke to battle as part of his training, and he overcomes the figure.
  • The transformation is when Han Solo gets frozen and sold to Jaba the Hutt. Thus, Luke has to go and save his friend.
  • The abyss is when Luke travels to the planet of Endor and battles at the Empire station on the planet. On
    Luke Skywalker weighing his options
    Luke Skywalker weighing his options

    this planet, Luke confronts his father and tries to convince his father to come back to the force. But during this, they do not fight yet.
  • The gift is when he finds out that Princess Leia is his sister and his life is fully unraveling.
  • The return is when he fights Darth Vader for the last time. During this battle, Luke is almost killed by the Sith Lord, but Darth
    Vader saves his life and becomes good again and the galaxy is returned to peace.
  • Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi are the "old mentors" who offer guidance and special skills in order for him to defeat the empire
  • When Luke trains with Yoda on Dagobah, that is the "seizing the sword" part of Star Wars
  • Luke doesn't know what really happened to his father, which is a reoccurring pattern in hero stories that either a family member dies or it's a mystery what happened to them
  • The battle between good and evil is a reoccurring theme in hero stories and has a huge part in the Star Wars storyline.
  • Luke seeking to find the secrets of his past is and what his life means, which is also a huge theme in hero stories.
The Conflict The main conflict of Luke's heroic journey is temptation. His father, Darth Vader, several times gives Luke the opportunity to join him in the dark side of the force. Luke knows this would give him more powers, but Luke also knows that its not the right thing to do. So even after getting his hand severed off, Luke still resists and even brings his dad back to the good side of the force when Darth Vader saves Luke's life from the hands of Darth Sidious and becomes one with the force again.

Han Solo's ship tries to eascape the Tie Fighters and Star Ship
Han Solo's ship tries to eascape the Tie Fighters and Star Ship